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  • Pricing, Pricing…… and more Pricing

    The big question is are you even making money in your business? I launched a work sheet with a how to with it! You need to figure your overhead costs and see where you are sitting. If your numbers don’t make sense then it’s time to get your ass in gear and take the next steps to create a positive financial business.
  • "But I'm NOT good at everything"!

    Do you ever feel like you must be good at everything? Have every product possible? Only use the most popular brands? Do any and all types of nails?  

    Well, stop telling yourself these lies. Some of mine and I'm sure your idols in the industry cannot, will not, and even avoid some things. Whether that be brands or artwork.

  • Social Media Headache

    I get asked a lot what I did to grow my following and I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t really know! Hahh! But I can tell you the details in my journey! I do think asking multiple people how they got a following is best too because then you can see different point of views and journeys to help you with yours! So here’s my advice, opinions, and personal experience!