Social Media Headache

Social Media Headache!

I get asked a lot what I did to grow my following and I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t really know! Hahh! But I can tell you the details in my journey! I do think asking multiple people how they got a following is best too because then you can see different point of views and journeys to help you with yours! So here’s my advice, opinions, and personal experience.
  • 1. Your first 1000 followers feels like a lifetime to gain. It just does, and pretty much is.
  • 2. Make your page public and a business/creator page. This gives you stats that can help you with your growth.
  • 3. Hashtag! I used to do this, and dreaded writing it all out each time, I start to copy and paste. But that was still annoying. I was given a tip from a fellow artist, Callie, and she showed me how to make my hashtags a shortcut on my keyboard for quick adding, that changed my whole game. Be sure to switch these up frequently and do research on which ones you choose.
  • 4. Utilize your story, I post here daily! Share anything and everything relevant to you and what your page has to offer.
  • 5. Post a minimum of twice a day. Listen, being a content creator is another job, and you are now that too if your goal is to build a platform for yourself.
  • 6. Reels, this is newer ish, and I was anti these. I did create a few over the past year. I just don’t love the time and effort they take, welp, you should. Why? Because you can get paid eventually. So here I am now, creating more reels than just plain photos.
Lastly, just enjoy the process and don’t over think it. The first thing I thought after I realized I can now make money with my reel views was, “Great a new thing to obsess about”. I don’t love that. First it’s the “likes”, then the “follower count”, then the “views” you get on your story’s, and now reels, and now I’m obsessing about the “dollar” amount I can make.
Just learn balance abs stay consistent. This in itself will bring you the platform you desire. For the amount of time I let myself overthink and obsess over my platform I should of been double where I am now. So don’t overwhelm yourself with, just create the content you’d be creating for 5 followers and 500 followers.

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