"But I'm NOT good at everything"!

Do you ever feel like you must be good at everything? Have every product possible? Only use the most popular brands? Do any and all types of nails?  

Well, stop telling yourself these lies. Some of mine and I'm sure your idols in the industry cannot, will not, and even avoid some things. Whether that be brands or artwork.

It is OK if you do not have every type of product. You don't own any chrome?That is okay! Just purchase as necessary. If a client comes in and wants a certain look but you do not have the art product to accomplish that look, well, thank goodness theres always next time. Even with artwork sometimes I will tell a client, "that's not happening today. I need time to practice or get the product". It is what it is. Clients expect you to have every product possible because they do not understand how the process works. So, do not put a stress or obligation on yourself. Yes, I think having a lot of options is convenient and best, BUT, I also believe it takes time to grow a nice nail art supply. Give yourself this time and give it with no pressure.

It is Ok if you do not use the most popular and expensive brands out there. I do think there are brands that are worth the dollar amount, for sure. BUT, it is okay if you find a brand you like and works well with your clients. Do your research with the brands you invest in. Especially, the products used for building out the nail along with their primers. You are not a better artist  because of a brand you use. You are a better artist with the knowledge and education you have on the product and the art of doing the nails.

It is OK if you do not like or offer every possible nail style or system. I personally do not love structured manis. Not because I cannot do them. I simple just rather do a longer nail shape. I also rather not do a square nail if I can avoid it. Oh, and a squoval nail. Kill me now, no way Jose! This is all okay. I am okay with knowing I picked my career path and I'm 100% in charge of what I do. So, it is okay if you rather only do structured manis. It is okay if you rather only do long nails. You can do whatever you want. 

It is OK if you are not good at everything. Being good at everything is equivalent to being great at nothing. You follow certain artists because you like their style. Something brought you there. Most likely it was not everything about them. It was the aesthetic of their page, it was the shape of their nails, it was the way they drew their flowers. It was definitely something but it was not everything. Keep this in mind when you feel less adequate. You do not have to be 100% in everything to be something. 

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