Mentor Call

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As I’ve grown my education business, I’m always finding new ways to help create more growth opportunities for my fellow business owners!!!

📞Sometimes just chatting and bouncing off ideas can change EVERYTHING!!!!!

🎉So here we are!!! 1:1 Mentor Calls! 
What to expect!!! - Literally all you need to do is come with the questions or the topics!  
Prior to the call we will set a date and the topic! Then we will let the rest just roll! 

📝Homework- Tell me about yourself, and about your business, what you expect to gain from the call and the topic up for discussion and guidance! 

I✍️ recommend taking NOTES! you! 

❌No refunds.

1 reschedule- must be rescheduled within 2 weeks of cancellation.
Anything more will result in full payment for a new call. 

❌Be mindful of scheduling. If you need to reschedule I ask for 48 hour notice. 

❌When booking your appointment please be sure to pay prior. If you instead, book prior to purchasing I will reach out once, and allow 2 hours for payment, then the appointment will be cancelled.


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